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$1.99 – Suspense in “Not Privileged to Know” by Bill Rockwell

NOt Priviledged to knowNot Privileged to Know by Bill Rockwell 

 Was $4.99$1.99 Oct 21-31, 2014
HIGH ALERT: WASHINGTON, D.C. A U.S. Senator: ASSASSINATED… Two New York mob hit men: MURDERED… A private investigator: MURDERED… Are these acts related? Detective Wu of the Metro Police believes so, but is pulled off the case, and his investigation is summarily closed by his superiors. His only recourse lies outside the law…in Corinne Day, the twin sister of the murdered PI, a woman he suspects is involved up to her pretty little neck in all these events… especially when she storms into town on the arm of the head of the New York mob…but can he enlist her aid, trust her, guide her, and keep her alive long enough to crack the case? He hopes so…for both their sakes. The next installments of the “Privileged” trilogy: PRIVILEGED INFORMATION Those who had deceived and betrayed Corinne are brought to justice. PRIVILEGED FEW The true meaning of “PRIVILEGED” is revealed. 

See what reviewers are saying:
By John Ihm
Not Privileged to Know has an exceptional plot delivered in an out of the ordinary writing style. The author has two styles in this tremendously interesting story. His in-depth perceptions of what the characters are thinking and his use of specific developmental conversations give added insight into a very unique and exciting plot. I would highly recommend it to any lovers of crime or mystery novels

By Glenn W. Erickson
Fun read. Kept… Continue reading

FREE – Y/AParanormal Suspense in “Dead Ringers” by Darlene Gardner

Dead RingersDead Ringers 1: Illusion by Darlene Gardner 

 #1 Novella in this Y/A paranormal suspense series

FREE on Kindle Oct 23-31, 2014

Jade Greene remembers nothing from the time she went missing except a blinding headache and an evil clown with a syringe. Not exactly the stuff to convince others of her sanity.

Nobody at the summer carnival where she works believes Jade was even in danger except her secretive co-worker Max Harper. But people keep dying, and things about Max don’t add up.

Only two things are certain: People in town aren’t who they seem. And things for Jade are about to get much, much worse 

see what reviewers are saying:
“I am thoroughly, completely, already-started-the-next-story hooked.” — Kathy Altman, USA Today’s Happy Ever After 


FREE – Humorous Mystery in “Lost Cause” by JL Simpson

LostCause_fLost Cause  by JL Simpson 
(A Daisy Dunlop Mystery Book 1)

Was $2.99FREE October 21, 2014

Daisy Dunlop thinks “heir hunting” is a perfect career. Too bad she has to work with her husband’s best mate, Irish PI Solomon Liffey. They’ve barely spoken since he took her husband Paul’s request to keep her safe far too literally and handcuffed her to the kitchen sink.

Solomon has no interest in babysitting a new partner, especially this one. The woman’s a bleedin’ liability. She has no concept of danger and could flirt for England at the next Olympics. As if that isn’t bad enough, she has a habit of sticking her nose where it’s not wanted, including into Solomon’s very private life.

Determined to keep Daisy safely out of his way, Solomon sets her the task of finding a missing lord. Her investigations land her in the middle of his case. Bullets fly, bombs explode, and the body count rises. When Solomon goes missing, the tables are turned. Now it’s his life that is in Daisy’s hands, and she has two missing men to find before it’s too late. 

See what reviewers are saying:
“I’m completely delighted to give Lost Cause five out of five stars. Although confused (non-British) readers might find it a challenge to get into the swing of Daisy’s unique life, you’ll soon find yourself hiding in the bath with your Kindle and refusing to emerge until you’ve finished every word.… Continue reading

FREE Suspense in “Discretion” by David Balzarini

DiscretionDiscretion by David Balzarini 

Was $2.99FREE Oct 21, 22, 2014
The future is his ally. The past he can’t escape.

Fifteen years ago…On a beautiful September afternoon, Colin Wyle was boating with his girlfriend Natalie Merian when she disappeared. Natalie’s politician father assumed the worst. A media storm ensued, causing panic in the area and Colin came under suspicion. Desperate to find his love, he sought help from a mysterious source, forcing Colin to make the hardest choice of his life: commit a crime or lose her forever.

Now, Colin has a high-profile career and a fiancée. When a phone call unearths a secret federal investigation, Colin is forced to reckon with the past. And pay for his sins. 

See what reviewers are saying:  

By Joshua B
Very enjoyable and thought-provoking. A truly great combination. I am very impressed with this author considering this is his first novel. I look forward to more in the future.

By PolkaDot – Amazon
This book grabbed my interest and held it throughout.I don’t know how to word my review in such a way as to do justice to the book, but I am having difficulty doing so without inadvertently giving spoilers. Suffice it to say, the author did a good job of tying all of the threads together in a satisfactory manner after leading the reader through a number of unexpected twists and turns. I feel that this is a book… Continue reading

FREE Y/A mystery in “Dogboy: Danger on Liberty Pier” by Bill Meeks

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00025]Dogboy: Danger on Liberty Pier by Bill Meeks 

 Was $1.99 – FREE Oct 21-25, 2014
Sometimes the murder isn’t the mystery.

Dogboy, aka Bronson Black, is Colta City’s 13-year-old superhero. After defeating the Guild of Thieves things have settled down for the mangy masked crimefighter…until he sees local businessman Dexter Stonehouse gunned down on Liberty Pier.

When it appears an old family friend might be involved Dogboy jumps into action to unmask a killer. Does he have the guts to expose a man from his past, or will he ignore the evidence to learn more about his strange powers?

Meanwhile, girl reporter Cindy McNeil has a secret, and along with three other teens she’s hatching a plan to fight City Hall. But can Cindy lead a revolution without Bronson finding out?

See what reviewers are saying:

“Hot off the heels of the first Doyboy book comes book two, and it doesn’t disappoint. Great pacing and great characters keep your interest and wanting to read to find out what’s going to happen next. Looking forward to what happens next in the world of Dogboy.” – Holly McMiller

“I think what the author really nails (in both books) is the pacing. There’s never a lull in the story. And yet somehow it never feels like it’s rushing you along. Sure, it helps that the characters are interesting and relateable too (even the minor ones). It’s quite easy to pick up and read.” – Tondagossa

“This is a great… Continue reading

$2.99/FREE- Mystery, Adventure in “A Dangerous Harbor” by RP Dahlke

Dangerous_72dpi_RGB final21A Dangerous Harbor by RP Dahlke

 $2.99 – 99cents Sept 27-30, 2014


When Katrina Hunter is forced to shoot her sister’s stalker, she takes the required leave of absence from the SF police department as her one chance for a long over-due sailing vacation. But discovering a floater close to her first port-of-call in Baja, Mexico will change everything she knows about dealing with crooks, liars, cheaters and murder.

Adding to her troubles is handsome Italian-Mexican inspector, Raul Vignaroli, who ferrets out the one secret that could get her fired. But now that the inspector has the tool he needs to tie her to a murder investigation involving Americans in his port, what will he do with his growing attraction to this pretty young woman?

In spite of the inspector’s blackmailing techniques, there’s a mutual attraction between this lonely inspector and the pretty American sailor–but can Katy trust her heart, and the inspector’s own dangerous secrets?

What Reviewers are saying:

“This is a thrilling mystery that captivates the reader. Each chapter brings something new for the reader to sink their teeth into. The character development is good and everything is clear and precise. Definitely a recommendation to anyone who likes murder mysteries.”Nikki Clark, Amazon

“This is a fun read especially for those who have lived on their boats in marinas. Somes up the cruising community well” Gerald Thompson, Amazon/Kindle

“I would read more books by RP Dahlke. It was a good… Continue reading

$3.99/FREE New Orleans Detective Novel in “Natalie’s Revenge” by Susan Fleet

Natalie's RevengeNatalie’s Revenge by Susan Fleet 

$3.99 on Kindle Oct 18-25, 2014

OR Get it FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

BEST MYSTERY 2014 — Feathered Quill Book Awards 
Murder and revenge in New Orleans. Ten-year-old Natalie was devastated when police found her mother murdered in a sleazy New Orleans hotel. Natalie vows revenge. Twenty years later, NOPD Detective Frank Renzi investigates the murder of a VIP businessman in a ritzy French Quarter hotel. Is it payback for the 1988 murder? Renzi pursues the elusive Natalie. Is she the killer? 

See what reviewers are saying:
“The coolest detective in literature at the moment, Frank Renzi, [has] a new crime to solve. Natalie is a truly intelligent and seductive character.” –Amy Lignor, Feathered Quill Book Reviews

“An amazingly great read, fast paced, well written and extremely challenging to put down.” — Rebeccas Reads

“This book kept me coming back for more. I felt like I was back on the streets of New Orleans. She had a mission and nothing went as planned. Good ending.” –Amazon reader 

FREE Suspense in “First Kill” by Lawrence Kelter

First_KillFirst Kill by Lawrence Kelter 

Was 99centsFREE Oct 18-20, 2014
Chalice is back, and she’s accomplished what women all over the world have always dreamed of: she’s gotten younger. The Back Stories feature NYPD Detective Stephanie Chalice in the days before you first met her. She’s righteous, rambunctious, and oh so ready . . . for anything.

A woman is dead, a suspect is in custody, and the case seems ironclad, but all is not as it appears. Chalice soon finds herself embroiled in a deadly game of fraud, conspiracy, and deception. The body count is about to rise and the only thing standing between the murderer and his next victim is a headstrong rookie detective with a sixth sense for solving crime. 

See what reviewers are saying:
“Lawrence Kelter is a new novelist who reminds me of an early Robert Ludlum.” – Nelson DeMille

“Chalice’s acerbic repartee is like an arsenal of nuclear missiles.” – BookWire Review

“Kelter is a master,” The Kindle Book Review 


FREE Internationol Suspense in “Lazar’s Intrigue” by Kevin Sterling

Lazars-IntrigueLazar’s Intrigue by Kevin Sterling 

Was 99cents – FREE Oct 18, 2014

First in the Jack Lazar Series of action, mystery and suspense novels.

When Jack Lazar saves the life of Sarina – a beautiful and exotic government agent, she uses her feminine wiles to lure him into the middle of a corrupt DEA investigation. The two join forces after Jack discovers he is mysteriously tied to Sarina’s case, and it doesn’t take long before everyone is trying to kill them both, including the police. The trail leads them all over North and South America as they explore their attraction and struggle to stay alive long enough to solve the mystery. A sexy, tantalizing thriller, Lazar’s Intrigue will keep you guessing to the very end. 

See what reviewers are saying:  
“Kevin Sterling has a unique voice but once you get used to his style you fall right in to one of the best thrillers out this season. His character Jack Lazar is your everyday Joe who finds himself out of his depths once he tries to be the Good Samaritan. Jack witnesses a woman being shot and tries to save her and finds himself in the middle of all sorts of intrigue. This one is a real page turner get yourself a copy and see if you don’t agree.” by im1rarebird, Amazon

“I definitely rated this book 5 stars! I was sucked into Jack’s story from the very first page.… Continue reading

FREE Romantic Suspense in “Huntress” by Lexi Larue

HUNTRESS-for-backHuntress: A Billionaire Romance by Lexi Larue 

Was $2.99FREE Oct 18-20, 2014

Part 3 in a series of novellas
She’s had enough of being hunted. Now Audra is on the hunt to find out who is blackmailing her. She enlists the ex-cop who was tailing her to uncover the secrets behind the blackmail.

What is the truth behind the identity that Hunter Wallace has assumed while dating Audra? Will Audra and Hunter’s fragile new love be able to withstand the secrets from their pasts?

Huntress…Audra Weston will not be hunted anymore…
Audra goes on the offensive to uncover the truth and protect her newfound relationship with Hunter Wallace. Will she be able to survive the past that haunts her?

Will Hunter be able to save her in time? Or will saving her could cost him his freedom, and maybe his life? 

See what reviewers are saying:
Donna S.
I really enjoyed Huntress. I liked that Audra was a strong woman that took charge when confronted with blackmail. I also liked that she could allow her softer side to show and be an almost subservient woman with her lover Hunter. The story gently peels off the mystery of both Audra and Hunter’s pasts until finally all of the secrets are revealed. This is a hot love story, mystery and thriller.

Janice K.
Huntress is the third book in the Hunter Series. In this book, Audra takes the offensive in finding the blackmailer. Luckily, Audra has… Continue reading

FREE FBI Thriller in “RINGLAND” by Dan Pollock

RinglandRINGLAND by Bestselling Author Dan Pollock 

Was $4.99FREE Oct 18-20, 2014

NEW Release!  
Ringland, a new sword-and-sorcery theme park in Upper Bavaria, erupts into real-life terror. Computerized special effects—animatronic dragons and a fantasy castle with parapets aflame—are hijacked by a terrorist mastermind, who then programs his own deadly pyrotechnics. Meanwhile, as the world looks on through media eyes, contending factions of eco-warriors and neo-Nazi motorcycle gangs lay siege to the park, further escalating what is already a PR disaster. Finally, with thousands of tourists already en route for Ringland’s official opening day, the mysterious terrorist threatens mass casualties unless his diabolical demands are met. Outmaneuvered at every step, frustrated security forces enlist a visiting FBI agent to help them find and foil the evil genius at the epicenter of the apocalyptic violence. 

See what reviewers are saying:
“I never give quotes for fiction books, but Dan Pollock is a writer of talent and drive.” —Len Deighton

“Dan Pollock is a bright new force in adventure writing.” —Clive Cussler 


FREE suspense in “The Last Track” by Sam Hilliard

Last-TrackThe Last Track by Sam Hilliard 

Was $2.99FREE October 18-20, 2014
Imagine if being late meant a child disappeared forever. That is the fear that drives Mike Brody: the man you want, when the one you love is missing. Mike is more than just a master tracker. An ex-Special Forces operative, Smoke jumper, and now extreme adventure tour guide, he also possesses a unique ability to tap into the memory and emotional state of those he pursues.

In The Last Track, a police detective recruits Mike to help find an asthmatic boy lost in the dense woods surrounding a dude ranch in Montana. An unwitting murder witness, the boy burrows ever deeper into the rugged terrain, fearful of being found. As Mike and a local officer search for the boy, the killer follows them. While the investigation expands, his ex-wife, a well-connected journalist, uses her contacts to unravel the truth behind the murder. Her discoveries threaten to snare them all in a treacherous conspiracy . . .

Mike Brody: The man you want, when the one you love is missing.
Some say his gift is supernatural, others consider it a curse. To Mike Brody, it’s a penance. Take a healthy dose of The Mentalist, then roll it up in an adrenaline junkie with psychic abilities, that’s Mike Brody.

See what reviewers are saying:

“If you like thrillers set in the great outdoors, Sam Hilliard’s The Last Track might light your campfire . . .… Continue reading

$2.99/FREE New Mystery in “A Dead Red Alibi” by RP Dahlke

DeadAlibi_eBook_IN SERIESA Dead Red Alibi by RP Dahlke

New Release #4 in the Dead Red Mystery Series

$2.99 on Kindle

OR Get it FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

A successful, but reclusive young artist with a secret life.

A wannabe lawman and his dotty gun-toting granddad

An abandoned mine pit

A curious dad and a very dead police chief

When Lalla Bains and her dad take a trip to Arizona to inspect her new property, Dad disappears. Thankfully, Lalla is able to enlist the help of a local tracker and finds him at the bottom of an abandoned mine pit. He’s unharmed, but he’s got company–a local police chief, and it looks like the man has been murdered. Then too, a young woman artist living nearby has also been murdered. What’re the chances that these two murders are going to be related? Well, if you’re Lalla Bains, you don’t guess, you start looking for the killer!

see what reviewers are saying:

“From the first sentence of this fourth installment of the Dead Red series, author R.P. Dahlke had me hooked. “Except for a lank rope and ancient boards loosely sheltering a dark hole, my dad’s brand new four-wheel-drive Jeep sat coolly detached and totally unconcerned that its driver was nowhere around.” Of course I wanted to know just what might be in that hole and how this unfortunate soul came to be there. As with all R.P. Dahlke mysteries, she begins by throwing out an enticing rope. Not once… Continue reading

99cents – International Mystery “Mindfulness and Murder” by Nick Wilgus

PrintMindfulness and Murder by  Nick Wilgus 

A Father Ananda Mystery

Was $6.9999cents Oct 16-18, 2014
When a homeless boy living at the youth shelter run by a Buddhist monastery turns up dead, the abbot recruits Father Ananda, a monk and former police officer, to find out why. He discovers that all is not well at this urban monastery in the heart of Bangkok. Together with his dogged assistant, an orphaned boy named Jak, Father Ananda uncovers a startling series of clues that eventually expose the motivation behind the crime and lead him to the murderers. “Mindfulness and Murder” is the first in the Father Ananda murder-mystery series.

An award-winning movie based on Mindfulness and Murder was released in 2011 by DeWarenne Pictures in Bangkok and nominated for Best Screenplay by the Thailand National Films Awards 2012. 

See what reviewers are saying:
By C. M. Barrett
The highest compliment one can pay a book is to plan to read more by the author. That’s my plan.
The concept of setting a murder in a Bangkok monastery was so original that I had to read Mindfulness and Murder. The author fully delivered in terms of characters and setting and more than delivered with the story.
Besides being a compulsive read, the book presented Buddhist principles in a totally nonintrusive and engaging way that was totally integrated with the story line and character development. This first book in a unique and engaging series will… Continue reading

99cents/FREE Historical Mystery in “Maids of Misfortune” by M. Louisa Locke

MAIDS_of MisfortuneMaids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery by M. Louisa Locke 

Was $3.9999cents Oct 16-22, 2014


An Indie Bragg Award
It’s the summer of 1879, and Annie Fuller, a young San Francisco widow, is in trouble. Annie’s husband squandered her fortune before committing suicide five years earlier, and one of his creditors is now threatening to take the boardinghouse she owns to pay off a debt. Annie Fuller also has a secret.

She supplements her income by giving domestic and business advice as Madam Sibyl, one of San Francisco’s most exclusive clairvoyants, and one of Madam Sibyl’s clients, Matthew Voss, has died. The police believe it is suicide brought upon by bankruptcy, but Annie believes Voss has been murdered and that his assets have been stolen. Nate Dawson has a problem. As the Voss family lawyer, he would love to believe that Matthew Voss didn’t leave his grieving family destitute. But that would mean working with Annie Fuller, a woman who alternatively attracts and infuriates him as she shatters every notion he ever had of proper ladylike behavior. Sparks fly as Anne and Nate pursue the truth about the murder of Matthew Voss in this light-hearted, cozy historical mystery set in the foggy gas-lit world of Victorian San Francisco. 

See what reviewers are saying:
“From beautiful Victorian houses to horses, carriages, manners, dress, lifestyles, fog, and gas-lamps, the setting is rich… Continue reading

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