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FREE-Apocolyptic Thriller in “Forty Days to Kamas” by Preston Fleming

FortyDays to KamasForty Days at Kamas by Preston Fleming
$3.99- FREE Sept 20, 2014

Kamas, Utah. 2024. In the totalitarian dystopia that America has become after the Unionist Party’s rise to power, the American West contains vast Restricted Zones dotted with ghost towns, scattered military garrisons and corrective labor camps where the regime disposes of its real and suspected enemies. Kamas is one such camp.

On a frigid March night, a former businessman from Pittsburgh, Paul Wagner, arrives at a labor camp in Utah’s Kamas Valley, a dozen miles east of the deserted resort town of Park City, which prisoners are dismantling as part of a massive recycling project.

When Wagner arrives, he is unaware that his eleven-year-old daughter, Claire, has set off to Utah to find him after becoming separated from her mother at the Philadelphia Airport. By an odd quirk of fate, Claire has traveled on the same train that carried her father into internal exile.

Only after Wagner has renounced all hope of survival, cast his lot with anti-regime hard-liners and joined them in an unprecedented and suicidal revolt does he discover that Claire has become a servant in the home of the camp’s Deputy Warden. Wagner is torn between his devotion to family and loyalty to his fellow rebels until, on the eve of an armored assault intended to crush the revolt, he faces an agonizing choice between a hero’s death and a coward’s freedom.

See what reviewers are saying:
“A brutal portrait of… Continue reading

FREE Romantic Christian Mystery in “Rescuing Vanessa” by Christina Li

Rescuing VanessaRescuing Vanessa by Christina Li 

 FREE Sept 20-22, 2014

Vanessa is hiding something. No matter what, she can’t seem to escape her mistake. Shame keeps her from trusting the Lord, her family, even the man who loves her. Will she be able to let go and allow herself forgiveness? Or will she fall prey to the man who wants her dead? 

See what readers are saying:

“Rescuing Vanessa was a splendid combination of adventure, romance, and inspiration!! I deeply enjoyed the well -developed characters and the consistent reminder of God ‘s presence in every aspect of life. Beautifully done!” By Kimberly

“If you’re like me, you look for wholesome, clean reading that is family friendly and does not contradict the Bible. In this author’s work you will find a treasure trove of exactly what you seek. (Did I mention I have two daughters that I’m bringing up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord? Enough said.) Christina Li: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love your work!” By Doug Joseph “Faster Pastor”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Christina Li’s Rescuing Vanessa. It had everything you would want in a good book. Well defined characters, romance, suspense and Christian values. Sometimes when you read these books you tend to know how it will end. There were a few times in this book that I didn’t. I was on edge. i believe this would be a good book to read for all ages. It shows how… Continue reading

FREE Mystery in “Christmas Bizarre” by Lizz Lund

Christmas-Bizarre-free-recipesChristmas Bizarre by Lizz Lund 

 FREE Sept 20-21, 2014

What do Santa’s Sidekick, a dead lawyer and a geriatric vampire have in common? Meet Mina Kitchen – a forty-something single who finds trouble quicker than she can whip up a batch of breakfast breads. Plural. Her catering disorder runs neck-and-neck with her weird luck, and her cat’s weirder tendency toward gnawing elf gear. Okay, and getting kidnapped a couple of times in one week is a little strange, too.

Her next door neighbor Vito’s past as ex-leader of the Moils, the Jewish-Polish Family from Bumville, New Jersey, comes to light and throws a dollop of dilemmas into an already simmering plot.

Top it all off with a counterfeiting ring, a county-wide dearth of holiday wrapping tape, and a mass of pets running loose at the local mall, and what do you have? A recipe for disaster that Mina whips to a froth.

Christmas Bizarre will keep you smiling when you’re not shouting up a belly laugh. Set in Lancaster, “Pee-Ay” you’ll discover a lively cast of characters, funny dialogue and lots of twists and turns. Hang on tight – you’re in for a slalom of a holiday ride.

Christmas Bizarre is packed with delightful surprises – along with a bonus of free recipes, vetted by Lund’s chef husband, for your own culinary creation and consumption.

**Recipes included!** 
See what reviewers are saying:
Liz Lund is a fabulous way… Continue reading

FREE – Thriller in “The Jade Queen” by Jack Conner

Jade QueenThe Jade Queen by Jack Conner

$2.99 - FREE Sept 20-21, 2014

Adventure, lost cities, romance and mystery! Jason Bourne meets Indiana Jones. In the tradition of James Rollins comes the newest adventure hero, Lynchmort James.

In the darkest hours of World War One, a string of grisly murders has the European city of Gaston in a panic, and the cops are being paid to look the other way. Lynchmort James, ex-soldier and now boozer, opium addict and womanizer, in mourning for the death of his beloved Eliza, wants only to be left alone, but that isn’t going to happen. Something bad’s going on, and if he wants to know peace again he’s got to figure out who’s behind it — and stop them.

The bodies are mutilated strangely, almost as if some sinister procedure has been performed on them, but no one seems to know its purpose. Soon the clues lead Lynch to a strange, unwholesome group of people known only as the Society, and with their discovery Lynch is plunged into a nightmare of action, mystery, romance and exoticism.

See what reviewers are saying:

“Amazing thriller! This is one of the most well-done thrillers that I’ve come acrossed. I really enjoyed the whole story and I wasn’t expecting it to be that good either. I was very glad I found this book; as a result I didn’t leave my house until I was finished reading it. The author is very talented and I can’t wait to read more… Continue reading

FREE Mystery Anthology in “Embassy Tales” by William S. Shepard

embassy-tales-coverEmbassy Tales by William S. Shepard

$2.99 - FREE Sept 20-23, 2014

“Little Brown Jug,” a story in this collection, was awarded a national prize for mystery writing by Mary Higgins Clark.

In Embassy Tales, we explore through fiction every part of an American Embassy, from the glamorous Ambassadorial suite to the Consular office, where fledgling diplomats on the visa line face their own challenges – and meet more local citizens than most political officers! As the reader gains familiarity with how an Embassy comes together, there will be no surprise to find also jealousy, love lost and gained, perhaps a murder or two – they happen in the best of families – and even occasional hauntings may be expected.

See what reviewers are saying:

“This anthology of twenty enchanting stories draws upon the best aspects of human nature, but also upon the less active sides. Told with vigor, imaginagtion, and a superb sense for drama, suspense and timing” – Victor Fic.

“Absolutely fascinating – a real page turner, and I thoroughly enjoyed each of the ages that I turned!” – V. Cortelano

“Smoothly written … subtle variations on love and friendship, including one of the best crime stories I’ve ever read! – John Goodspeed, Star Democrat review.




99cents/FREE Thriller in “The Warrior” by Ty Patterson


WarriorThe Warrior by Ty Patterson 

$2.99 – 99cents Sept 18-25, 2014

OR Get it FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

A man with no past Nobody knows much about Zeb Carter. He doesn’t do romance, avoids friendships… and when asked about his work, says he is a security consultant. A man on a mission The ex-Special Forces operative has seen it all before. But when he witnesses barbaric acts in the Congo, he can’t simply walk away. Plagued by the scale of the unspeakable crimes and its victims, Zeb breaks the rules – both his own, and those whom he works for – by seeking his own brand of justice. A man with no future With a maverick intelligence analyst, Broker, along for the ride, Zeb finds himself up against an adversary who is more than a match for his skills. From the rainforests of the Congo to the concrete jungle of New York, Zeb enters a shadowy world – a world where he alone is interested in justice. Everyone else wants the affair buried… and Zeb alon g with it. 

See what reviewers are saying:
What a ride — Christine Terrell, Goodreads

Zeb reminds me of Jack Reacher but more real life and easier to connect to — Suzanne Bennett

I liked this book and would recommend it. As good as Baldacci — Andrew Bedford 

$3.99/FREE in “Diablo Nights” by Carmen Amato

DIABLO-NIGHTS_moon_final_fullsize_v1Diablo Nights  by Carmen Amato

New Release and #3 in the Detective Emilia Cruz mystery series

$3.99 on Kindle 9-18-28, 2014

OR Get it FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
A religious relic lures Emilia Cruz, Acapulco’s first and only female police detective, into a labyrinth of drug cartel smuggling and revenge killings in DIABLO NIGHTS, the third novel in the explosive Emilia Cruz Mexico mystery series. The relic, from Mexico’s Cristero War, also surfaces a long-hidden personal secret that Emilia cannot share with the man in her life, hotel manager Kurt Rucker. The relic’s authenticity is in doubt, however, as Emilia and her partner, senior detective Franco Silvio, find a murder victim aboard a cruise ship. The victim’s pockets are lined with Ora Ciega, a rare heroin strain from Colombia that promises more drug war violence for Acapulco’s already bloody streets. The Ora Ciega trail leads Emilia to a second body; that of Yolanda Lata, the mother of a girl for whom Emilia has been searching; as well as to a dead Customs official who had valuable information about the cruise ship murder. But it’s nothing compared to the shocking climax waiting for her back in Acapulco.

Carmen Amato’s fans have been impatient for DIABLO NIGHTS, the third novel in the Emilia Cruz mystery series that goes inside Mexico’s drug war with a fearless style and a woman who is hard to forget. It follows HAT DANCE, and CLIFF DIVER, the novel that Kirkus Reviews called “Consistently exciting… Continue reading

$2.99 Mystery in “Played to Death” by BV Lawson


Played-to-Death-Front-Cover-for-PromotionPlayed to Death by BV Lawson 

$5.99 $2.99 NEW Release Sept 18-30, 2014

Former piano prodigy turned FBI agent Scott Drayco is suffering nightmares from his last case as a private consultant. To add insult to injury, he’s bequeathed an unwanted and rundown Opera House in Cape Unity, a down-on-its-luck seaside village where vacation homes were once a playground for the rich. His hopes for a quick sale are dashed when a new client with dreams of his own redemption is murdered in the Opera House, the letter “G” mockingly carved into his chest. Slowly, inevitably, Drayco is pulled into a tangled web of jealousy and betrayal that reaches across the Atlantic into some of the darkest days of human history. But will he be able to untangle the web before the tensions in Cape Unity explode into more violence and he becomes the next victim? 

See what reviewers are saying:
This new novel featuring detective Scott Drayco has all the intrigue of a good mystery. Add to the suspense Lawson’s careful nuance of small towns, diversity of characters and clever descriptions. The result? a page turner. I look forward to the next in the series! – Carolyn Blevins

A nice tight mystery in a realistic setting. Totally enjoyable. – Terrie Farley Moran, Author of the Read ’Em and Eat Café and Bookstore series 


FREE – Mystery in Any Port in a Storm by Elaine Orr

ANY-PORT-IN-A-STORM-flatAny Port in a Storm by Elaine Orr 

$2.99 – FREE  Sept 18-20, 2014
Jolie Gentil and friends are putting the finishing touches on the Talk Like a Pirate Day fundraiser for the food pantry and trying to figure out who’s breaking into some of the houses Jolie appraises. When she realizes a new face in town is leading high school kids into trouble in those houses, Jolie’s mad and lets him know it. But Hayden offers to help her mind her own business, and a lot of people at the fundraiser hear her give him what for.

A hurricane’s on the way to disrupt Talk Like a Pirate Day, and when a corpse turn up under the pirate ship the next day, Jolie’s looking like a suspect. Soon she’s getting less work. Who wants a murder suspect appraising their house? Scoobie’s pirate limericks can’t solve a crime, so Jolie and her sometimes buddy local reporter George Winters look for the murderer and try to figure out who’s trying to frame Jolie. They need to stay ahead of whoever forces Jolie’s car into a ditch and off the radar of the local police who tell Jolie — for the hundredth time — to butt out.

All this and Jolie has to deal with Aunt Madge’s blossoming love life. And what about her own? For a cozy mystery with a dose of humor and a touch of romance, join Jolie and friends in Ocean Alley.

See what… Continue reading

FREE – Art Forgery Mystery in The Gauguin Connection by Estelle Ryan

Gauguin ConnectionThe Gauguin Connection by Estelle Ryan 

Perma FREE  on Kindle
Murdered artists. Masterful forgeries. Art crime at its worst.

As an insurance investigator and world renowned expert in nonverbal communication, Dr Genevieve Lenard faces the daily challenge of living a successful, independent life. Particularly because she has to deal with her high functioning Autism. Nothing – not her studies, her high IQ or her astounding analytical skills – prepared her for the changes about to take place in her life.

It started as a favour to help her boss’ acerbic friend look into the murder of a young artist, but soon it proves to be far more complex. Forced out of her predictable routines, safe environment and limited social interaction, Genevieve is thrown into exploring the meaning of friendship, expanding her social definitions, and for the first time in her life be part of a team in a race to stop more artists from being murdered. 

See what reviewers are saying: 
“Love this book could not put it down it was quirky, funny and full of suspense, I plan to read the whole series.” Amazon Reviewer

“This has cast of characters that are devilishly unique in that they are rogues, cops, a heroine that’s autistic. A very unusual mix. What I really enjoyed was the concept that disability such as autism does not mean an individual cannot contribute a great deal to the working environment and benefit from connecting with others.” Amazon reviewer… Continue reading

$2.99/FREE Mystery in “Death’s White Horses” by Marc Rainer

Death's White HorsesDeath’s White Horses by Marc Rainer

$2.99 on Kindle Now

Or Get it FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Death’s White Horses is the third installment in author Marc Rainer’s series featuring savvy prosecutor Jeff Trask. This fictionalized account of the Mexican drug cartel wars presents a dark, gripping and violent tale of barbarous criminals and the law enforcement officials on both sides of the border charged with fighting a bloody war. Many of the characters portrayed are taken from real life, such as drug kingpins Chapo Guzman and Heriberto Lazcano. Inspired by actual events from Mexico’s cartel wars, and concentrating on the combat between both the Mexican and American authorities and the brutal Zetas drug cartel, Rainer has provided another unflinching, engrossing chronicle.

With more than three decades of experience as a federal prosecutor, Rainer combines the excitement of a high-stakes thriller with the pinpoint accuracy and realism that has earned him a widespread audience in the field of law enforcement.

See what reviewers are saying:

“On the heels of his first two Jeff Trask crime dramas, Marc Rainer has now solidified his place as the pre-eminent writer in this genre. His command of facts and knowledge of the legal system are unparalleled. He consistently delivers the goods.” Tom Blair

“Marc Rainer has done it again! Each book by Mr. Rainer seems to get better and better! I would compare his writing style to James Patterson. Once you pick up this book you will be hard pressed to put it down.… Continue reading

99cents/FREE Mystery in “In Gallup, Greed” by Tower Lowe


In Gallup, GreedIn Gallup, Greed by Tower Lowe 

$4.99 – 99cents Sept 16-27, 2014

Or Get it FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
Lonnie is stabbed to death while his sister, Mirage, is in a black out. Did she kill him? Gallup, New Mexico provides the backdrop for greed, scrambled brains, illicit love, and murder.

Cinnamon and Burro trail a gallery owner, a young boy with TBI, and a group of greedy young artists through the high desert, looking for a murderer. Burro suffers visions of the crime.

Spirits communicate with the suspects. Cinnamon and Burro search for answers and the illusive Momma makes a phone call from the past. 

See what reviewers area saying:
I love stories that hook us right from the beginning. In “In Gallup, Greed”, Lowe does not hold any punches. Right from the start, he does a fantastic job of getting us into the action. From that moment onward, I couldn’t help but be caught up in the complex and believable story that he has created … The ending is quite satisfying and a worthwhile conclusion to a great mystery. Reviewer: Isaac Newman

What a fun book! It was filled with murder, mystery and intrigue and I loved the New Mexico setting! …  This was my first time reading a book by Tower Lowe, but I can tell you that it won’t be my last!!! I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a really good murder mystery. Reviewer: Bibliophile from amazon.com 

99cents/FREE -Hollywood Thriller in “Sexy Babe” by James L. Conway

Sexy BabeSexy Babe by James L. Conway 

$2.99 NOW 99cents, Sept 16-21, 2014

OR Get it FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
Grace Taylor is an adorable young actress trying to make it in Hollywood. But she’s having a really bad day. She is dumped by her boyfriend, fired by her agent, and kicked out of her apartment – then things get really nasty… Grace comes to the rescue of friend, Madison, a gorgeous redhead with a deadly secret. During the struggle Grace kills a man in self-defense – a dangerous man with a lot of dangerous friends – forcing Grace and Madison to run for their lives. Pursued by the mob, wanted by the cops and the FBI, Grace and Madison find themselves in a firestorm of bullets, blood, betrayal, kidnapping and murder. Sexy Babe is a wild and wicked thriller full of humor, unforgettable characters and nonstop action. 

See what reviewers are saying:
“Sexy Babe” by James L. Conway was a riotous, non-stop reading adventure that hooked me from cover-to-cover. I especially enjoyed the author’s skill in making me laugh at unexpected moments (which made the characters more endearing and heightened the tension). Speaking of ‘unexpected,’ the surprises and plot twists that unfold in “Sexy Babe” literally forced me to keep turning pages until I’d gobbled the book. I highly recommend “Sexy Babe” to fans of fast-paced thrillers tinged with romance, humor, and three-dimensional characters whom you want to survive and triumph. — James P. Kelly… Continue reading

99cents/FREE British Mystery in “Real Elves” by Helen Smith


Real-Elves-1000Real Elves by Helen Smith 

NEW Short Story in the Emily Castles Mystery Series

99cents on Kindle Now!

OR Get it FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

In a department store in London, a little girl called Sophie visits Santa’s magical forest with her grandfather.

As they emerge from the forest, Sophie’s grandfather reports her missing… but the little girl’s right there. Is she a ghost, a twin, an alien abductee—or is there some simpler explanation?

Twenty-six-year-old amateur sleuth Emily Castles has fifteen minutes to figure out the puzzle before the police are called and Christmas is ruined. This short mystery is a standalone story set in London. 

See what reviewers are saying:
“Helen Smith has created a great little cozy series with the charming Emily Castles.” Criminal Element

“Emily Castles is one character you cannot help but fall in love with!” Julie’s Book Reviews 

99cents- British Legal Thriller in Bold Counsel by Tim Vicary

BoldCounselBold Counsel (The Trials of Sarah Newby book 3)  by Tim Vicary 

$3.99NOW 99cents Sept 16-19, 2014
B.R.A.G Medallion (for A Fatal Verdict (The Trials of Sarah Newby book 2) 

Some secrets are buried too deep for tears. Love, death and an ancient murder combine in this outstanding legal thriller. When Sarah Newby embarks on her first case in London’s Court of Criminal Appeal, she has little idea of the quest of horror she is about to uncover. With her marriage collapsing under the strain of her career, she finds a new lover. But dare she trust any man ever again? Yet when even the police oppose her fight for justice, what can one woman do all alone? 

See what reviewers are saying:
‘Tim Vicary’s books are simply outstanding …. There is something very wrong with the world of publishing… why is it that the name Tim Vicary is not yet seen along side the likes of John Grisham? I cannot recommend this book more highly.’ John Bartlett

“… I loved this book, on my opinion it was the best legal whodunit’, Vicary has ever written. The mystery glued me to my ebook reader and I didn’t guess the outcome. It was a bit of a detour for those of us rooting for Terry and Sarah but hugely enjoyable all the same. I loved the addition of Jane, a new detective to the team to balance out the amount of… Continue reading

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